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AQURON Solutions have been performing since 1984.....

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Company Mission

Providing systems and solutions that help in improving performance and extending durability of concrete structures, with a focus on reducing environmental impact.

Company Vision - Adding life value

To extend the service live of concrete structures, with more environmentally friendly solutions and systems, that give people the opportunity to protect structures today for future generations.


AQURON high quality products and innovations for the concrete and construction are manfactured in Texas, USA. Core products avaliable in Australia, New Zealand and UK are the AQURON range of waterbased treatments and sealers for concrete, masonry and stone. AQURON solutions have been developed following the perception that so many common concrete problems could be overcome by preventing water and corrosives entering and percolating through concrete.

Research led to the discovery in 1984 of a radical catalyst working in colloidal silicates which gives AQURON its unique action of being drawn deeply into the cementitious matrix utilising internal free water and alkaline components of the concrete to make an extensive impermeable hydrogel barrier inside the concrete.

AQURON produced hydrogel is an extension of the naturally occurring gel and polymer strands produced by hydration of cement which are the binders holding concrete together. AQURON maximises hydration for increased concrete strength.

As well as preventing ingress and migration of moisture and damaging corrosives, considerable concentrations already in existing concretes are neutralised and often purged to the surface by AQURON treatment.

AQURON not only lasts as long as the concrete but greatly extends its service life and performance

Our range includes concrete sealers, concrete curing products, concrete waterproofing treatments, moisture barriers, sealers for polished concrete, sealers for pavers, water repellents for concrete, waterproofing concrete additives


We are continually researching products & systems that are:

Environmentally Friendly

Cost Effective

Easier to use



Our team looks forward to helping you with any questions relating to how our products can help you achieve the best solution for your projects, call us or email us a question

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