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Concrete Protection - AQURON is the ULTIMATE for extending durability of concrete

AQURON 2000 - Spray-on Concrete Protection

AQURON 2000 is a unique penetrating spray-on concrete protection treatment  with proven performance extending service life of concrete structures.  AQURON 2000 improves durability and protection of concrete structures by internal waterproofing concrete, can be applied to new or existing concrete. Ideal for new marine structures and infrastructure, or structures exposed to corrosives enviroments.... > learn more

AQURON 7000 - Spray-on Corrosion Inhibitor and Concrete Protection of Structures with existing corrosion

AQURON 7000 is a unique penetrating spray-on treatment that is the proven performer in ultimate concrete protection of concrete structures will existing levels of corrosion. AQURON 7000 waterproofs concrete and integral corrosion inhibitor extenda service life of existing concrete structures already contaminated with chlorides, suffering effects of carbonation, ASR, DEF, and other corrosives.... > learn more

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AQURON’s performance has been proven since 1984, on over 100,000,000m2 of concrete structures worldwide, including marine structures, bridges, wharves, concrete exposed to de-icing salts.

Original Research led to the discovery of a radical catalyst working in colloidal silicates which gives AQURON solution the unique action of being drawn deeply into the cementitious matrix utilising internal “free moisture” and alkaline components of the concrete to make an extensive impermeable hydrogels inside the concrete. AQURON solutions are applied to wet concrete, and therefore require no drying time when applied in tidal zones.

AQURON Solutions are 100% VOC free water-borne solutions, and are the desirable choice for protecting concrete structures in the world’s increasing environmentally sensitive waterways.



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