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AQURON 1000 Spray-on Concrete Sealer Treatment for Hardening, Antidusting. and Curing Assistance

AQURON 1000 concrete sealer is a penetrating spray-on treatment that is the proven performer in ultimate concrete hardening. AQURON 1000 being colloidal silicate, has NIL VOC and is a excellent choice for greenstar building projects. AQURON 1000 develops a sheen with use. When applied to new concrete, AQURON 1000 curing assistance is equal to water ponding by internally maximising hydration to achieve ultimate concrete strength. learn more..>

AQURON 1000 Concrete Sealer for diamond polished concrete

AQURON 1000 Concrete Sealer for high traffic warehouse floors


AQURON 2000 4-in-1 Spray-on  Concrete Sealer Treatment for Curing Assistance, Hardening, Antidusting, Waterproofing and Internal Moisture Control


AQURON 2000 penetrating concrete sealer offers all the same benefits as AQURON 1000, with the added benefits of guaranteed waterproofing and internal moisture control, and is ideal for projects that at a later date may have floorcoverings installed, or projects with a mix of exposed concrete and floorings. learn more...>

AQURON 2000 Concrete Sealer for stopping ingress into concrete in aged care.

AQURON 2000 Concrete for water proofing concrete infrastructure


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AQURON spray-on concrete sealer treatments have proven ultimate performance, and are the benchmark in penetrating concrete sealers. These solutions are utilised for enhancing concrete durability, surface and internal hardness, resistance to abrasion, anti-dusting properties, protection of concrete against corrosives and ingress, including concrete waterproofing

Original Research led to the discovery of a radical catalyst working in colloidal silicates which gives AQURON solution the unique action of being drawn deeply into the cementitious matrix utilising internal “free moisture” and alkaline components of the concrete to make an extensive impermeable hydrogels inside the concrete.  By forming a hydrogel throughout the concrete, AQURON becomes an integral part of concrete, and provides permanent internal concrete sealer properties and resistance to surface damage from abrasion and corrosives.

AQURON Solutions are 100% VOC free water-borne solutions, and are the desirable choice for building environmentally sensitive structures. AQURON’s concrete sealer performance has been proven since 1984, on over 100,000,000m2 of concrete worldwide.


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