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Concrete Waterproofing - AQURON ULTIMATE performance

AQURON 2000 Spray-on Concrete Waterproofing 

AQURON 2000 is a penetrating spray-on treatment that is the proven performer in ultimate concrete waterproofing, and has become the industry benchmark in spray-on waterproofing solutions for concrete. AQURON 2000 penetrating concrete waterproofing can be applied to new or existing concrete..... >learn more

AQURON 300 - Mix Additive for Concrete Waterproofing

AQURON 300 is the ultimate concrete waterproofing liquid additive, and is designed to be easily added into concrete at the Ready-mix batching plant. AQURON 300 is a 3 in 1 Ultimate Additive offering integral concrete waterproofing, along with strength enhancement, and shrinkage reduction. This concrete additive..... >learn more

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AQURON spray-on concrete treatments and additives are the proven ultimate performance in Concrete Waterproofing. AQURON’s performance has been proven since 1984, on over 100,000,000m2 of concrete worldwide.

Original Research led to the discovery of a radical catalyst working in colloidal silicates which gives AQURON solution the unique action of being drawn deeply into the cementitious matrix utilising internal “free moisture” and alkaline components of the concrete to make an extensive impermeable hydrogels inside the concrete.

AQURON internal waterproofing is being utilised to provide concrete waterproofing to new and existing concrete basements, water retaining structures such as water tanks and swimming pools, along with concrete structures and decks exposed to the environment.  AQURON penetrating spray-on treatments have been proven in stopping ‘water ingress’ into existing concrete structures, even with significant hydrostatic pressures.  

 AQURON Solutions are 100% VOC free water-borne solutions, and are the desirable choice for building environmentally sensitive structures.




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