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Aquron 1200 Water Repellent - Clear sealer for concrete precast



  • Water borne Solution
  • Nil VOC
  • Nil Solvent
  • Durability Enhancement
  • Preserves natural appearance
  • Breathes
  • Helps keep surface clean
  • Cost-effective
  • UV stable - non yellowing
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to painting



AQURON 1200 is a clear water repellent that is easy to apply and environmentally friendly to concrete, masonry and concrete precast.

AQURON 1200 is a clear water repellent solution designed for sealing and preserving brick, slate, natural stone, stucco, concrete, masonry and concrete precast

AQURON 1200 is a water proofing repellent that provides a breathable type water barrier beneath and to the surface. AQURON 1200 water repellent helps keep surface clean while preserving the natural appearance of the masonry and concrete precast.

AQURON 1200 water repellent retards or eliminates efflorescence and its application resists cracking and spalling of vertical and horizontal surfaces from successive freeze thaw cycles. Simply low pressure spray applied to concrete precast.



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