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How it works - AQURON 2000 Flooring Protection Concrete moisture control and curing


AQURON 2000 moisture barrier works inside the concrete to control moisture beneath floor coverings & coatings

AQURON 2000 transforms all free moisture in the concrete into a solid hydrogel incorporating silicates and calcium hydrates within the concrete.

AQURON's hydrogel* inside the concrete can extend to 150mm and often further from the spray treated surface, and cannot be worn or abraded off like a film-forming moisture barrier coating on the surface. When the AQURON 2000 treated concrete is encapsulated under floor coverings & coatings, even though the concrete has elevated moisture levels above 75% RH, AQURON 2000 is guaranteed to eliminate the risk of moisture migration from within or through the concrete.  This is dependent on the flooring installation surface being absorbent** with good profile/grip for bonding, and the floor covering is installed using a full spread of adhesive.

"Free" moisture within the AQURON 2000 treated concrete is immobilized, it is not removed. AQURON 2000 moisture control is guaranteed, regardless of the measurable RH% in the treated concrete.

* Email us for AQURON Bulletin "How AQURON controls moisture within Concrete"
**Email us for AQURON Bulletin "How to Test for Absorbency".

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