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How to seal an existing basement -


AQURON 2000 is the first step, that we would suggest to deal with the problem of a leaking concrete basement.

  • AQURON 2000 reacts with the moisture and alkalinity within the blocks to create a hydrogel that results in a pore blocking effect.
  • AQURON 2000 forming a gel in the blocks can move the moisture to “somewhere” else, or the next easiest path of resistance.
     i.e. you can’t just treat the damp areas, or just one wall, because the moisture problem will just move and concentrate to joints or untreated areas.
  • It is important to understand that AQURON 2000 will not seal structural cracks.
  • Structural cracks need to  be sealed with a flexible sealant.
  • AQURON must have direct access to the surface of the concrete. i.e. any paint or coating that may be on the blocks needs to be removed before the AQURON Treatment.

 The process is:

  1. Apply AQURON 2000 first as per the application instructions
  2. Leave it for 7 days
  3. Wet the wall to assist with developing up the AQURON 2000 gel
  4. Treat again with AQURON 2000
  5. Observe the area in question during and after a further rain-cycle.  Normally, the first and/or second application will cure the problem.



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