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Why use Aquron 300? - AQURON 300 Waterproofing Additive


What does AQURON 300 Waterproofing Additive for Concrete do?

AQURON 300 is a liquid waterproofing additive for concrete that is “mixed in” at the readymix concrete plant. 

AQURON 300 waterproofing additive for concrete is added to concrete's mixwater BEFORE adding to cement and aggregates at the rate of 6.5ml per Kg of cement [equates to approx 2L per m3 of concrete].  AQURON 300 multi-purpose waterproofing additive for concrete Increases cement particle saturation and improves cement utilisation adding more desirable hydration products and an extended cement structure and transforms moisture into a hydrogel within the porosity of the concrete to create the following results:

1.  Waterproof Concrete - AQURON 300 waterproofing additive for concrete produces a hydrogel and transforms moisture throughout porosity to achieved an impermeable concrete and internal corrosion protection.

2.  Stronger Concrete - AQURON 300 waterproofing additive Increases strength and performance by transforming moisture and improving hydration to increase Increases early and ultimate compressive, flexural and tensile strengths of concrete.

3. Reduced Shrinkage - AQURON 300 waterproofing additive for concrete transforming moisture improves natural hydration concrete, which turn reduces shrinkage

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