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Insufficent Concrete Cover - AQURON 7000 Spray-on Concrete Protection


This is a showcase of completed projects that AQURON 7000 concrete Corrosion Protection has been utilised to extend durabililty for concrete structures with insufficient concrete cover.

AQURON 7000 Spray-on Concrete Protection Treatment offers a solution to concrete structures with insufficient concrete cover of embedded reinforcing. Proven on a variety of concrete structures from poured insitu Wharf Piles, Bridge Piers, Precast Bridges Beams, Precast concrete elements.

Proven and performing for over 25 years, AQURON’s long-term performance to waterproof concrete,preventing and arresting corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel from insufficient concrete cover . AQURON has an impressive record on major structures of extending the economic service life. AQURON is adding life value to an increasing number of existing concrete structures worldwide.

Our team looks forward to helping you with any questions relating to how AQURON 7000 Concrete Protection Treatment can help you achieve the best long-term durability solution for any concrete project needing to overcome insufficient concrete covers issue in construction, especially marine concrete or wharf repairs. Call us or email us a question.

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