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Why Aquron 7000 is easy for concrete repair contractors? -


Why Aquron 7000 is easier for concrete repair contractors? 

Simple to use - Spray applied, and not effected by moisture during application e.g rain or applications in tidal wet/dry locations.

More environmentally friendly  - AQURON 7000 has no VOC or hazardous ingredients such as cacogenics like each other waterproofing products.

Guaranteed Performance - The AQURON 7000 concrete protection comes with a 15 year project specific guarantee, so you can trust that this product will last. 

Permanent Waterproofing - As AQURON 7000 Concrete protection is  inside the concrete mix, rather than a treatment that is applied to the concrete, and forms a hydrogel throughout porosity, the waterproofing is as long lasting as the concrete itself. It cannot wear off over time as it is permanently inside the matrix of the concrete. 

Overcomes Incipient Anode Formation
- preventing costly remedial Incipient Anode Formation is dependent on free moisture, oxygen availability and conductivity within the concrete. AQURON 7000 TREATMENT eliminates these factors.

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