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Welcome to Markham Global's New Zealand Website for AQURON penetrating concrete sealers, and concrete waterproofing treatments and additives, for the concrete and construction industry in New Zealand.

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Since 1996, our team has been dedicated to providing concrete waterproofing solutions, penetrating concrete sealers, concrete hardeners, internal concrete protection, concrete waterproofing additives for the concrete and construction industry in New Zealand.

AQURON concrete sealers & concrete waterproofing treatments for the concrete and construction were developed in Texas, USA. Core products avaliable from MARKHAM GLOBAL in New Zealand, Australia and UK are the AQURON range of waterbased NIL voc, non-hazardous penetrating concrete waterproofing treatments, concrete sealers, and sealers for masonry and stone.  

Markham Global has offices and representation in New Zealand, and a network in Australia, and now United Kingdom.

Our range includes penetrating concrete sealers, internal concrete curing products, concrete waterproofing treatments, concrete waterproofing additives and admixtures, internal moisture barriers, sealers for polished concrete, sealers for pavers, water repellents for concrete, waterproofing concrete additives,

Markham Global's team are continually researching products & systems that are more environmentally friendly, cost effective, easier to use and of course innovative

Our team looks forward to helping you with any questions relating to how our products can help you achieve the best solution for your projects.

MARKHAM GLOBAL's Vision - Adding life value

To extend the service life of concrete structures, with more environmentally friendly solutions and systems, that give people the opportunity to protect structures today for future generations.


Providing systems and solutions that help in improving performance and extending durability of concrete structures, with a focus on reducing environmental impact.